Designing your home to stay cool over the summer months.

Now is the time of year where we attempt to keep cool at all costs which usually means turning on the air-conditioning or being in close proximity to a pool or a large expanse of water!

What if you could design your home to be that cool oasis you desire over the summer months without needing air-conditioning. We believe this is achievable with the following building tips:

1) Ensure that your house is designed to face predominant breezes (south easterly and north easterly winds) and the house can be opened up to capture these breezes once the temperature cools. Shade your east and west facing windows. Window and door options can include: louvres that open wide, bi-folding and sliding doors, effective screens and shutters. Avoid aluminium frames.

2) As hot air rises, if you are building or renovating a two storey house, design this so your main living and sleeping areas are downstairs.

3) Effective insulation will keep your house cool and reduce energy use in the future.

4) Raise your house slightly off the ground to allow air flow underneath. See our Lincoln BAAhouse design above.

5) Create a lovely outdoor shady area with landscaping to enjoy the cooler nights. Plant trees for shading east and west walls.

6) Choose lighter colours for your exterior and interior walls. As black and dark clothing absorb the heat, so lighter colours reflect the heat and are therefore more cooling.

7) Eaves. Make sure these are at least 900mm wide.

8) Equip your house with quality fans.

9) Allow for internal voids, high ceilings, and roof ventilation for better air flow and cooling.


If you need further advice on these options and the types of materials to stay cool for future summers, give us a call.