How a Small House Can Create a Fantastic Lifestyle


Whether it’s a cozy cottage in South-East Queensland or a practical and energy-efficient home in the Brisbane suburbs, more and more Queenslanders are choosing to downsize the space they live in to reap the rewards of a tiny house lifestyle.

The tiny house movement is gaining popularity among Australians across all age groups, and for good reason. The benefits of small houses are varied, from helping people embrace a more environmentally friendly lifestyle to lower maintenance and utility costs, less stress, and ultimately freedom and time to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

Here are some of the reasons why small house living can be a liberating lifestyle change.

More financial freedom

Small home living can be a smart financial choice. Since a tiny house means a smaller mortgage to pay off, this makes it the ideal choice for younger homeowners who would like to buy and own their home sooner, and for middle-aged homeowners who would like to make the most of their retirement savings, settling into and enjoying their senior years.

With fewer bills, tiny houses are easier to clean and maintain, and much less expensive to run. Tiny houses use far less electricity than larger homes.

A larger backyard

One of the best benefits of small houses is that they use space more efficiently than a larger house - providing you with a larger plot of land to do with as you please. Depending on your lifestyle, this could mean a bigger backyard for the kids to enjoy, a space for you to grow the flower garden of your dreams, or even a larger outdoor entertaining area. BAAhouse builds houses with expansive decks, creating an intimate yet inviting space to entertain guests and hold social events.

Due to their intrinsic efficiency, small homes are perfect for people looking to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you’re interested in self-sufficient living, this could be the perfect space to build the vegetable patch, chicken pen, or shed you’ve always dreamed about.

Multiple bedrooms

Have a big family but worried that choosing a tiny house lifestyle means fewer bedrooms for your family? Need multiple bedrooms for your children, or guest rooms for your grandchildren to stay over? Small homes may be compact, but they can be surprisingly spacious - it’s all about optimising the space available with clever design.

Live in your home for longer

A smaller home means that as you grow older, your home will remain affordable and easy to manage. Older generations often enjoy the freedom that comes with living in a tiny home, as they can enjoy peaceful living without the need to spend a fortune on regular maintenance.

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Article written by Rycon construction