Samford valley Lincoln 2B wins house of the year award. Built by Saunders Building Company

Samford valley Lincoln 2B wins house of the year award. Built by Saunders Building Company

                   Featured in Small House                                    Living Australia 2017

At BAAHOUSE we offer a ''one stop'' shop for design, building and all required approvals. Our Professional Architects and Designers have teamed up with Brisbane's leading builders to deliver a cost effective and quality finish build. ''Simply turn the key''.

Every design is custom built / designed to suit your site and your budget. Book a 2hour on site consultation today to get a professional onsite Design Brain Storming service about your new project in your backyard.

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Samford Valley - 80sqm + Deck - 2Bedroom Design- Lincoln 2B

Samford Valley - 80sqm + Deck - 2Bedroom Design- Lincoln 2B

Lincoln 2/3bedroom award winning design

Visit our NEW Lincoln design range

2017 Award winning Lincoln 2 Bedroom design 

now available in 60sqm, 80sqm, 3 bedroom + 2 storey option

Visit our New 1 bedroom 45sqm+mezz+deck design - MARCO POLO

What the public say about Baahouse

Samford Valley -2b lincoln granny flat

CALIFORNIA RED design /60sqm/ 2B /Lennox heads/ NSW

3bedroom / HERDWICK design, Glasshouse Mountains.


''This house incorporates the outside world and has an airy feeling above the untouched landscape. It feels less "invasive" on the natural world. I love its simplicity. - Houzz

''Fantastic detailing transition from exterior to interior''

''30 Sights to make you proud to be an an Australian- Houzz.''

'' Thanks Claus from Baahouse, your design on our granny house (downsizing not downgrading) is amazing. Everything is just perfect. Your ideas are exactly what we wanted and your interpreted our ethos and needs perfectly. Thanks also to Kirby and Dan from Saunders Building for your craftsmanship on this project.

''I love the design concept.''


''The modern look''

''Small and gorgeous''

''Love the granny flat''

''Awesome use of space''

''Good for humid climate''


''Want to gather Idea from this house''

''Beach house''


Stilt Houses: 10 Reasons to Get Your House Off the Ground

1. To build on a sloping suburban site in Brisbane, this neat little one-bedroom granny flat or studio is raised above the ground on steel posts. Considering the potential for rain in the region, and being situated on a sloped suburban hillside, elevating the house on stilts reduces flooding, water damage and weakening of the house’s foundation. Plus sitting higher among the trees provides a beautiful outlook from the house.


LINCOLN DESIGN 1B / Grannyflat- Pullenvale

Samford Valley 

LINCOLN 2B / Granny Flat - Samford Valley

CALIFORNIA RED design / Lennox Head / NSW

CALIFORNIA RED design / Lennox Head / NSW

Granny flats, tiny Houses or secondary dwellings are making a comeback in the Australian backyard due to their affordability and practicality. If you live on a block of land larger than 405sqm and need extra living space for a home office/business, young adults or elderly parents at home, building a second dwelling may be your solution.

With BAAHOUSE you can now enjoy a beautifully architecturally designed second dwelling that gives you versatility as well as blends in with your existing house and natural environment.

BAAHOUSE + BAASTUDIO is a company set up by architects and professional designers who have the knowledge and experience in the industry to co-ordinate everything necessary to make the process stress free and built to your budget.

Our New 2bedroom small house design.

Baahouse -Small Office range

Baahouse -Small Office range

2 Bedroom / 45sqm / Bighorn design

Outdoor living / Herdwick Design

Outdoor living / Herdwick Design

2 Bedroom/ 60sqm Shetland Design

3 Bedroom / 110sqm / Lincoln 3b Design

3 Bedroom / 110sqm / Lincoln 3b Design

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We can offer a wide range of services from onsite design consultation through to master planning, interior design and project management of your project. We can tailor our costs to suit your budget and requirements for your project.


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Starting a new project can be a daunting task. There can be so many obstacles, conflicting advice from various people, not knowing which consultants or builders to use and how much is the project going to cost - SO LET US HELP YOU!

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If you have been looking at the BAAHOUSE designs and have not found a design to suit your location or backyard then we can design you a Custom house to suit your requirements and budget.



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We work closely with our clients to create spaces that will express individuality, offer flexibility and enhance the overall interior experience.

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Why consider a granny flat for your property

Granny flats or secondary dwellings are becoming more popular in recent times as an option for alternative housing.

Young people are increasingly finding it more difficult to take the plunge into property ownership due to the high cost of housing in Australia in comparison to other developed countries.

In addition, elderly parents now enjoy a longer life expectancy but many may not be able to keep up the demands of keeping and maintaining a house, and nursing homes can be a costly over a long period of time. Erecting a granny flat in addition to the main house can be a more affordable option and provides the elderly with the security whilst still maintaining some independence.

In NSW where the laws are more relaxed, these can now be built and rented providing people with an extra income or a future investment opportunity.

elderly indEpendEnce & security

rental income

future investment

Live the golden years in a

beautifully designed granny flat

Guest House

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