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We are professional house designers who possess natural creativity, flair and vision. We draw free hand and master plans for you on site during our site visits.

We will involve our clients in the design process. Many designers give you a sketch design without considering your lifestyle and budget, or involving you in the process.  

We start by listening to you to understand your needs, lifestyle and personal tastes. We believe residential design and architecture is very personal and so we work closely with you and guide you through each process whilst bringing your dream to reality. Our professional, personalised approach, with transparency when it comes to cost and budget, will ensure that your home or renovation is aesthetically pleasing, custom designed to improve your lifestyle, and within budget constraints.

Our knowledge and experience in the industry also takes the stress out of renovating and building. We have a great rapport with builders, certifiers, engineers and landscape architects. We  liaise with consultants effectively, ensuring a smooth building process

BAAHOUSE offers a modern living solution, professionally designed to optimise the space in your backyard.

BAAHOUSE was set up by Claus Ejlertsen  who developed a passion for producing modern designed second dwellings when approached by a friend over 8 years ago who requested a granny flat that blended in with the natural surroundings. 

With such an interest in the 1st design from the general public at the Brisbane Home Show in 2012, we identified a gap in the market place for affordable housing alternatives that were aesthetically pleasing and blended in with existing dwellings and the environment. We decided to set up BAAHOUSE & BAASTUDIO PTY LTD as a company.

Since then we have developed a range of stylish and contemporary granny flat / small house designs to suit most budgets and built with quality materials. We offer a quality and individualised product as well as a professional and personal service.

BAAHOUSE is a division of BAAHOUSE + BAASTUDIO PTY LTD. Baahouse provides a range of pre-designed small houses while BAASTUDIO is the more traditional customised design service.

Our team of designer's create internal and external spaces that provide a sustainable, enjoyable environment. We are specialists in integrating the three parts of your living environment: building design and construction, interiors and landscape- equalling a design enhancing life.


  • Aesthetic and multi-purpose modern designs for your granny flat, home office, studio or rural retreat. Developed by an architectural technician / designer with over 20 years of experience in the industry.
  • Designed and coordinated to capture solar access and prevailing breezes- warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • Fits on a standard 600sqm lot without council approval (1 & 2 bedroom dwellings only).
  • Produce quality detailed construction drawings ensuring leading Brisbane based builders deliver a cost effective and quality finish build.
  • Work with local Certifiers, Engineers and Estimators to take the stress out of building and give you an accurate guide on costings.
  • Soaring raked ceilings to living and deck areas to maximise space, light and comfort.
  • Sustainably sourced timber construction and battening adding texture and warmth.
  • Eco-material and finish options to suit your lifestyle and budget.
  • Capital investment for your property
  • Option to buy the plans and source your own builder. Ideal if located outside South East QLD.
  • Project manage the job with regular site inspections to ensure the job is built as per the drawings and documents produced. We act as an agent on behalf of the client.

Why BAAHOUSE as a name?


Being raised and having studied in N.Z where sheep are a large part of the landscape, BAA seemed an appropriate and catchy name!

All of the BAAHOUSES have been named after famous sheep from the Merino to the Drysdale. This keeps our designs consistent with the company's name BAA.

The BAAHOUSE journey from conceptual sketch design to the final 3d vision. 




  • Bachelor of Architecture, BARCH,  VUWNZ, 2000
  • Bachelor of Building Science, BBSC, VUWNZ 1998
  • Australian Institute of Architecture Member (AIA) No 47984
  • Registered Architect in Queensland No 5355
  • Registered Architect in NSW No 10459
  • Building Designer of Australia Full Member, 2400-18

Claus grew up  in New Zealand and Denmark. With the influence of living in the Scandinavian design house, (Danish interior design) along with the use of timber construction in houses in New Zealand and stunning landscapes connecting the house to the site, Architecture was always going to be a passion for Claus. Lego also had a big part to play in this:-)

With over 20 years experience having worked in London, New Zealand and Australia. Claus studied full time for six years, Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand and has a degree in Architecture (2000) and Building Science.(1998)

Throughout his career CLAUS EJLERTSEN has developed his unique and distinctive style through technical drawings /national and international experience and has a passion for detailing and producing high standard quality design services plans and documentation. He has vast experience project managing residential and commercial jobs from all stages from conception to completion for leading architect firms.     

Claus is passionate about producing aesthetic home designs that express individual clients personalities, as well as understanding the site to maximise the client's lifestyle in terms of views, light, space and natural surroundings.






Dio. Int Design Interior Designer.

Dean’s approach to design is holistic, blending environmental, physical and aesthetic qualities of architecture. With a passion for residential design, Dean delivers a creative, considered approach to design quality and client management.

A qualified interior designer with a commitment to impactful and intelligent design, Dean has a discerning eye for joinery detailing and prides himself on substantiating the brief with distinctive results. From traditional to contemporary aesthetics, each design is tailored to be unique.

Presently a student of Architecture at Queensland University of Technology, Dean supports the Design team through collaboration and high attention to technical documentation to service a range of project sizes.




Senior Architect, BArch

  • Registered Architect in Queensland No- 1528

Harry has 38 years’ experience as a registered architect in both Queensland and Victoria.

Born and raised in the Bayside area, Harry gained his Architectural Degree at the University of Queensland, where he was awarded the Board of Architects Prize for “Most Proficient”.  His designs have been awarded many times since, including: -

·        HIA Brisbane Home of the Year

·        HIA Queensland Display Home of the Year

·        HIA SE Queensland Display Home of the Year

·        QMBA Best Low-Rise Multi-Residential Housing over $2.5 million, and

·        Australian Nightclub of the year

Harry has a deep passion for the history, culture and geography of Moreton Bay.  He draws inspiration from his studies of traditional and modern lifestyles, art and geography of the region.  His designs result in an informal, relaxed architecture, which can only be described as uniquely “Bayside”.


In today's economic climate with the cost of construction and renovation prices skyrocketing, -why not invest in an affordable low cost 2nd dwelling on your existing house lot.

BAAHOUSE can help you achieve this. We offer verbal onsite advice regarding your extension, discussing alternative layouts and optional extras.

With over 20 years combined experience in the building industry as Professional designers, BAAhouse can give a truly professional service and quality building outcomes.

Every house is designed to fit on a typical sized block and situated on the site so they do not require council approval. The BAAhouse range is based on 50-120 square metres, one to two bedrooms, laundry, study, kitchen and dining with additional decks and optional extras. New 3 bedroom option available.

All designs are approved by an Engineer and then certified by local Certifiers. After certification, BAAhouse works in conjunction with established builders to give you a truly unique and high quality finish design that will enhance your life style and give you an investment for the future.


Granny flats or secondary dwellings are becoming more popular in recent times as an option for alternative housing.

Young people are increasingly finding it more difficult to take the plunge into property ownership due to the high cost of housing in Australia in comparison to other developed countries.

In addition, elderly parents now enjoy a longer life expectancy but many may not be able to keep up the demands of keeping and maintaining a house, and nursing homes can be a costly over a long period of time. Erecting a granny flat in addition to the main house can be a more affordable option and provides the elderly with the security whilst still maintaining some independence.

In NSW where the laws are more relaxed, these can now be built and rented providing people with an extra income or a future investment opportunity.