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2 BED / 2 BATH / 100SQM + DECK

Hampton House design is a single level 2 bedroom self contained small house or 2nd dwelling for your backyard. With its open living and high level ceiling which give more airflow and light into the spaces the Hampton design is a striking design with all of its finishes. The house is specifically designed for wheel chair access. The house includes large spaces to move around. 920-1020mm wide doors. Large Bathroom and storage for wheel chair.  Ramps can be designed to access the house with no steps needed.

The main features of the house is large raked ceilings for airflow and to create more light. No wasted corridors with open plan living. Hardwood timber floors, Modern designed Kitchen and Bathrooms and materials that will create an aesthetically pleasing house. 

Starting from $350,000 (This is only a guide only based off standard specifications. All prices are subject to site conditions)

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