Here are some of the most common questions we regularly answer. If you have a question not listed here, please contact us on 0409 577 05. 


Can I build a BAAhouse outside of Brisbane or South East Qld?

Yes, we can provide you with a set of documents and plans along with engineering drawings to be lodged with your local certifier or council. We can also organise council approval for you. We have current jobs in QLD and NSW.

Can we use our own builders once we get the drawings?

Yes you can, once we have a set of BA (Building Approval) drawings for you, you can give them to your builder to start pricing. We do recommend to Tender the project out to at least three builders for a competitive pricing.

Do you have a showroom?

No, we don't, but we do open houses for our clients when the jobs have been completed. Signing up with our newsletter you'll receive up to date information on BAAhouse and open homes.

What stage of drawings can you provide?

We can provide clients with different stages of drawings from (SD) Sketch design - (DD) Design development - (BA) Building approval-(CD) Construction drawings through to project management. We always advise our clients documents and accurate set of drawings produced ensure project costs are more fixed with less surprise variations. 

Do you manage projects?

Yes, we can project manage the project for you, answering questions for the builders and conducting onsite inspections to make sure the builders are proceeding as per plan and to answer any onsite questions. This means you can be assured that the construction is precise to the plans and project brief, and takes the stress out of dealing directly with the builders and consultants.

Can we buy the plans from you?

Yes, we can supply you with a set of plans up to any stage which you require that you can use and build from.

Can we use our own builder or certifier?

We work with our own certifier, and trusted network of builders, however you can also use your own if preferred.

How long does the process take?

Normally, once we have had an initial meeting with you, we will supply  the plans within 2 weeks. All plans will need to be engineered for Building approval.

Once a builder starts on site, the construction process can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on the size and location of the project.

How do we know if our property is suitable for building a second dwelling?

We can assess your site and conditions at our initial onsite meeting otherwise via the use of google and council websites. We will also look at your property overlays and check the history and council restrictions for your property.

Can you also help us with our house renovation and link the two projects together?

Yes, as we are a company of  Designers, when we perform an onsite design consultation of your property we recommend master planning your entire project. We can look at how you may stage your project, where you can save money, issues that may be found with the existing house and are able to design your project so the new and existing all tie in together. We will also think about the external works and all aspects of the site when creating a harmonious design.

Can we choose and select the materials for our project?

Yes, we can help you through the process of selecting the right finish and product for your project. We have an in-house interior designer who can sit down with you and help design spaces and areas to suit your lifestyle but can also put together material and sample boards that will help with your final decision. 


How much does the project cost?

The cost of our projects is a question we get all of the time and this can change a lot due to variables, site conditions and client's requirements. 

We always try to understand our clients construction budget so we can work with you towards successful building outcomes. Knowing your budget assist us to recommend certain materials, finishes, design changes and other items which may be needed for your project.

We pride ourselves on good quality design, a high standard of construction and a product that not only will improve your lifestyle but also becomes an investment for your future. 


A good cost guide to start with is calculating a sqm rate. This is the general rate which builders use as a pricing guide. Sqm rates need to include builders margin (10-15%) + GST. (10%)

A good basic guide for working out your construction cost is to use a construction rate of:

$2500sqm x your Ground Floor Area (GFA) sqm rate.

So a 50sqm house is$2500 x 50 = $125,000

Sqm rates for building
$ Cost / Square metre * guide only

$1700 - $3000 / sqm Design + Construct projects
$2500 - $4000 / sqm* Professionally designed homes & renovations

The above sqm rate is a guide only as costs are also driven by which materials are used. 

Aluminium vs timber

Ply vs plasterboard

Vinyl vs hardwood 

So that's  why if we can understand the clients budget we can recommend certain materials to suit your project. 

Remember when looking at your budget you will also need to include, items required by owner, consultant fees, site works if needed etc.

Consultant fee cost guide

                                                                                                              Soil test and footing design                   $500

Engineering                                             $1500-$3000

Surveyor (if required)                              $1500-$2000

                                                                                                               Energy  Assessment report                   $250

Local Certifier (BA approval)                  $2000-$4500

Council /Town planning (if required)      $2500-$3500

Bush Fire report (if required)                  $2500-$3500

Baahouse drawing fees

Cost range between                              $2500- $15,000 (subject to design and which stage of documents are required)